You Deserve Better Than Part-Time Security

Today’s cybersecurity market is hot – fast growing, with complex issues that keep security and IT administrators on their toes. Attackers are raising their game. Their targets – including companies both large and small – rely on security vendors to offer adequate protection against the latest threats. Ideally, a cybersecurity vendor needs to act more like a partner, than a vendor, to the customer.

Investors have realized this cyber threat trend and with that cybersecurity companies have become hot commodities. Companies that want to profit from this market growth, many without prior industry expertise, are entering the field of cybersecurity by acquiring established security vendors.

But if you have spent any time in this industry, you know how much acquisition – particularly more than once in the span of a few years – can change a cybersecurity vendor and affect its ability to provide a good customer experience. Maybe an acquirer pushes the company toward a different focus, trying to maximize profits at the expense of customer satisfaction, or minimize costs at the expense of talent, or to sell off the technology portfolio because individual solution components may be worth more than the combined solution.

Whatever the investor’s aim, the focus on the company’s customers frequently wanes. Technology development falls behind, customer service lacks the experience needed to help customers, and talent leaves for other security vendors or technology companies that appear more “serious” -- or at least seem to have fewer distractions.

I wouldn’t want to entrust the welfare of my company to a part-time security vendor loaded with other distractions, much like I wouldn’t want to hire a bodyguard who can only devote part of his time to protecting me, while spending the majority of his attention being focused on getting a bigger paycheck. Part-time security just doesn’t work.

As a customer you have the right to ask for focus and for consistency. I invite you to learn more about a better approach to web security that moves beyond the outdated, ineffective proxy deployment model and explains the benefits of a true Enterprise Security Platform.

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