Prisma SaaS: An Octopus That Secures App Ecosystems

What do Prisma SaaS and an octopus have in common? They’re both great at sensing!

Like an octopus, excellent at getting hold of what’s essential and sensing key information, Prisma SaaS is well-equipped to monitor an application ecosystem, including popular third party apps such as Trello and Todoist. Image credit: Noun project,; G Suite Marketplace,

An octopus has eight arms, equipped with suckers that evolved to be excellent at getting hold of what’s essential and sensing key information. Prisma SaaS was engineered in just the same way.

It can detect and prevent your end users from authorizing (via OAuth) third-party app access to a corporate G Suite account. To see these sensory capabilities in action, add the G Suite Marketplace app to Prisma SaaS, then observe the third-party apps that it discovers.

Now that you have visibility, manually remediate (individually block or restrict); for a more cautious approach, apply automatic remediation using a simple, “block all” policy setting.

For example, if you’d like to prevent a popular workplace app like Trello (Warning: you might make a few enemies) from accessing your corporate G Suite, block it. When the app prompts your end users for access to their corporate G Suite accounts, Prisma SaaS denies access.

Your end users will be able to log in to their personal Trello accounts at work, but they cannot authorize third-party apps to access company data. Don’t worry, Prisma SaaS is polite, and sends a kind email to your users about the blocked app.

This discovery occurs without much effort on your part. The software simply discovers third-party apps indirectly via G Suite: By adding a single app, you can learn of many more. Now how’s that for sensing?

This example shows the dashboard you can use with Prisma SaaS to manage your application ecosystem. Octopus not included.
Image credit: Noun project,; G Suite Marketplace,


Did you know that a North Pacific giant octopus has nine brains? Prisma SaaS is smart like an octopus, too. Now that’s a handy friend to have monitoring your application ecosystem.

Add the G Suite Marketplace app to Prisma SaaS today, and get the visibility you need to prevent data exfiltration.

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