Cortex XSOAR Marketplace Private Offers Introduce a New Way to Buy for SecOps

As a security professional, you are busy enough managing the latest zero day exploit and APTs without navigating the lengthy procurement process anytime you need to dial up the scope or maturity of your program. 

The Cortex XSOAR Marketplace launch in August 2020 introduced a unique digital storefront for SecOps teams to quickly discover and consume prebuilt SOAR content and third-party solutions. These offerings are bundled into packs that include third-party subscriptions, integrations, automation scripts, orchestration playbooks, and more. Today, the Marketplace features 800+ turnkey content packs with new free and premium offerings being added all the time. 

With the latest introduction of Private Offers in the Marketplace, now you have more options and flexibility than ever before to purchase premium content and subscriptions from Palo Alto Networks and third-party providers. Private Offers enable Cortex XSOAR customers to subscribe to premium packs through the XSOAR Marketplace for custom term lengths and discounts. Find the premium pack you need in the Marketplace and if it is labeled as available for Private Offer, our sales team will work with you to build the best solution for your organization. Partners such as VirusTotal, SlashNext, Cybersixgill, and others are already enabled.

Why this is important for your security program

As you encounter new zero day exploits and scale to address the growth of your company, the maturity of your security program must constantly increase to support the business. Leveraging Private Offers to address new use cases by integrating key SecOps solutions through Cortex XSOAR Marketplace enables you to scale organically without multiple procurement and renewal processes. With flexible options and a single sales process for purchasing multiple solutions, you can easily expand the scope of your operations with third-party offerings like the new premium VirusTotal subscription to enhance the accuracy and speed of your security investigations.

Private Offer Benefits

  • Flexible buying options with variable term lengths and volume discounts
  • Eliminates headache of multiple and repeat procurement cycles
  • Simplified buying process and subscription activation
  • Increases use cases and value of Cortex XSOAR investment

How do I learn more about Cortex XSOAR content and Private Offers?

Visit the XSOAR Marketplace Private Offers page or go to Web Marketplace to browse the available content packs and integrations for Cortex XSOAR. If you are a current Cortex XSOAR customer interested in initiating a Private Offer, either contact your sales team or click the blue Request Private Offer button in your XSOAR deployment. If you are not a current customer and would like to trial Cortex XSOAR, download the Community Edition for free or sign up for the next guided Hands on Workshop