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September 2016

Palo Alto Networks Unveils New WildFire European Cloud Hosted in the Netherlands

Preventing Global Threats While Keeping Data in EU Borders

Customers in Europe can now benefit from the power of Palo Alto Networks WildFire® cloud-based threat analysis and prevention capabilities from a data center located in the Netherlands. With local resiliency built-in, this helps European organizations meet their data privacy needs via the WildFire EU cloud.


Traps: Advanced Endpoint Protection - Administrator’s Guide

Traps: Advanced Endpoint Protection - Release Notes

Traps: Advanced Endpoint Protection - New Features Guide

AutoFocus New Features Guide

AutoFocus Adminitrator’s Guide

Introduction to the AutoFocus API (Video)

AutoFocus API Reference

Introducing the New Threat Vault (Video)

Learn How to Block Very Specific Traffic with the help of Custom Vulnerabilities

MineMeld - Getting Started

Correlating PAN-OS syslog with indicators

Running MineMeld on Microsoft Azure

MineMeld on AWS & Autofocus Export Lists (Video)

Ransomware Common Attack Methods


Migrating to Panorama - White Paper

Protect Yourself from Antivirus

Traps: Advanced Endpoint Protection - Data Sheet


Exploring the Cybercrime Underground: Part 1 – An Introduction

Exploring the Cybercrime Underground: Part 2 – The Forum Ecosystem

DualToy Windows Trojan Attacks Android, IOS Devices

PowerWare Ransomware Variant Poses as Locky, But Can Be Decrypted

New Report Unearths the Expertise in Russian Hackers' Code

Cybersecurity Isn't the Only Kind of Security SOCs Must Deal With

Free Decryption Tools Released for PowerWare and Bart Ransomware

This Is the Hardest Type of Data Breach to Discover. Luckily, It’s Preventable

Secure Network: User-based Access Policy is a Team Effort

Disrupting the Attack Lifecycle

The Dukes R&D Finds a New Anti-Analysis Technique

Pythons and Unicorns and Hancitor…Oh My! Decoding Binaries Through Emulation


CBI Health Group: Preventing Ransomware

How can the healthcare industry protect sensitive patient health information while avoiding remediation costs associated with successful data breaches? This case study examines how CBI Health Group is preventing ransomware and other cyberthreats from infecting personal computers across 240 offices and over 10,000 professionals.


Traps: Install, Configure, and Manage (EDU-181)

Firewall 7.1: Manage Cyberthreats e-Learning (EDU-131)

Firewall 7.1: Manage Cyberthreats e-Learning (EDU-231)

Take the Accredited Configuration Engineer (ACE) test

Become a Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer

New! PCNSE Study Guide


September 26-29 – Splunk Conference

September 28 – Fuel Chapter Meeting: Silicon Valley

September 29 – CyberSecurity, moving at the speed of a Formula One car!: Montreal, QC

October 4-6 – Virus Bulletin International Conference: Denver

October 5 – Preventing Security Breaches on the Endpoint, Live Demo

October 12 – A Look Ahead to the Cyber Security Landscape in 2017: Beverly Hills

October 19 – Preventing Security Breaches on the Endpoint, Live Demo

November 14-16 - NH-ISAC: Fall Healthcare Summit: San Diego

June 12-15, 2017, Vancouver, BC.

Register for Ignite 2017 by December 31, 2016 and receive a 100% discount to the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE exam of your choice.

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