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Maintain and defend the first and second line of defense at network gateways and local facilities

Many Palo Alto Networks PA-5060 next-generation security platforms at network edge and hundreds of PA-5000 series at local facilities


  • Moved from reactive, threat-driven stance to proactive, mission priority focus
  • Actively raising the security level of protection through visibility and use of App-ID


This major western military service unit provides network defense for all of its major commands and leadership globally. The service operates, maintains and defends its networks across myriad sites globally. It provides the service’s first and second lines of defense against all of the network’s external and internal threats.


This military service needed to understand the applications running on its networks, where its data is located, and where its network users are. Specifically, it needed to understand the warfighters it supports, its systems, applications and priorities, how it uses those mission systems and how those user systems depend on the network. And it needed actionable intelligence to proactively thwart threats that could otherwise impact its mission. The service chose Palo Alto Networks® for the full range of visibility the platform OS can provide, while ensuring the utmost protection to its mission critical networks.


Upon evaluation of the Palo Alto Networks portfolio, the Service was confident it would be able to identify its applications, users and content across its networks. This level of visibility enables the military service to plan more effectively, triage and respond to contingencies and to be proactive in finding and fixing problems, shortening the time to rectify before impacting the mission. Post-deployment, and as hoped, the team was able to evolve from passive to active defense, be more agile in responding to issues, and to greatly simplify its command and control capability.


At full operational capacity, the results have been staggering. Palo Alto Networks has enabled a dramatic paradigm shift in the military’s network operations and network defense capabilities. App-ID™ and the other Palo Alto Networks next-generation platform capabilities have enabled the service to move from a reactive, threat-driven stance to one of a proactive, mission priority focus with an extraordinary 99 percent external network attack surface reduction.


Today, Palo Alto Networks is proud to serve this military service’s cyber security needs on its networks, across gateways and WANs. Palo Alto Networks has proven again that it delivers on providing what the military, civilian and intelligence communities around the world need and have come to expect of their network defenses. Palo Alto Networks takes tremendous pride in our role in dramatically improving the defense of one of the world’s most critical networks, and in the opportunity to continue to work with this team to continuously evolve their network defense.


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