Get Started with the Logging Service

Get up and running with the Palo Alto Networks Logging service quickly and easily.
Welcome to the Palo Alto Networks Logging Service! The Logging Service provides cloud-based, centralized log storage and aggregation for cloud-delivered services such as the Traps management service and for your on premise, virtual (private cloud and public cloud) firewalls and for the GlobalProtect cloud service.
For the firewalls, Panorama provides the interface for the logs stored in the Logging Service. From Panorama, you can see an aggregated view of all logs stored in the Logging Service, and you can view reports and perform log analysis and forensics on the log data.
For the Traps management service, you need to use the Cloud Services Portal to view your logs. Refer to the Traps Management Service Administrator’s guide for more information.
The following topics describe how to get started with the Logging Service quickly and easily: