Traps 3.4.4 Addressed Issues
The following table lists the issues that are fixed in the Traps™ 3.4.4 release. For new features introduced in Traps 3.4, as well as known issues and limitations, see Traps 3.4 Release Information.
Issue Identifier Description
CYV-11900 Fixed an issue where not all licenses were revoked as expected, which resulted in some endpoints reserving more than one license from the pool.
CYV-11896 Fixed an issue with the Traps mini-filter driver (cyvrfsfd) that caused the driver to trigger a memory corruption bug in Windows virtualized environments.
CYV-11888 Upgraded the default policy to Content Update CU-13.
CYV-11850 Fixed an issue with a VDI endpoint that experienced an unexpectedly high CPU load when processing multiple prevention events in parallel. With this fix, the CPU load remains steady when experiencing multiple parallel prevention events.
CYV-11832 Fixed an issue on an RDS running multiple sessions that prevented applications from starting.
CYV-11547 A security-related fix was made to prevent unauthenticated license revocation on active endpoints. With this fix, the ESM ignores revocation requests from agents and frees the license from each endpoint that is disconnected for a period of time—default is 7 days (CVE-2017-7408).

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