Traps Installation Options

You can install Traps in the following ways:
  • Install from the endpoint—In situations where you need to install Traps on a small number of endpoints, you can manually install the Traps software using the workflow described in Install Traps on Windows Endpoints and Install Traps on Mac Endpoints .
  • Install using Windows Msiexec—To install Traps from the command line, use the Msiexec utility to perform operations on a Windows Installer as described in Install Traps Components Using Windows Msiexec . Using MSI deployment software is recommended to install Traps across an organization or a large number of endpoints.
  • Install using application deployment software—You can also use the Msiexec installation options with MSI deployment software such as a Policy System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Altiris, or Group Policy Object (GPO).
  • Install using an action rule—If the endpoints in your organization already have Traps installed, you can upgrade the Traps software by configuring an action rule as described in Uninstall or Upgrade Traps on the Endpoint .

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