Traps 4.1.1 Addressed Issues
The following table lists the issues that are addressed in the Traps™ 4.1.1 release. For new features introduced in Traps 4.1, as well as known issues and limitations, see Traps 4.1 Release Information.
Issue Identifier Description
CYV-13332 Fixed an issue where Windows endpoints stopped responding when you added or deleted a drive (such as a USB flash drive) while Traps was receiving a new policy.
CYV-13319 Fixed an issue where Windows endpoints stopped responding due to a race condition between the Traps Anti-Ransomware Protection module and third-party applications with drivers that are registered for process notification callbacks.
CYV-13267 Fixed an issue where Traps quarantined the DLL-loading process when you configured Traps to quarantine malicious executables and the DLL Files Protection module triggered a prevention event.
CYV-13230 Fixed an issue where you could not install the Traps agent on a macOS 10.13 endpoint that had no previous Traps installation because the User-Approved Kernel Extension Loading policy on the macOS 10.13 platform blocked loading for a kernel extension that was required for the installation. With this fix, when the endpoint displays a message indicating the kernel extension was blocked, the user must Allow loading for that extension by editing the endpoint security settings ( System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General).
CYV-13224 Fixed an issue where Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010 closed abruptly when installed in parallel with Traps.
CYV-13111 Fixed an issue where the Endpoint Security Manager (ESM) Server did not record the Traps agent version for machine license validation failures; the email notification displayed the ESM Server version instead.
CYV-13098 Fixed an issue where Traps agents in a new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment didn't update the golden image ID and failed to get a license if those agents had the same names in an old (deleted) VDI environment.
CYV-12984 Fixed an issue where, after you migrated from a Traps 3.4 (or earlier release) agent to a Traps 4.0 or later release, pre-upgrade preventions that had any empty property values caused Traps to resend preventions that it previously sent.
CYV-12568 Fixed an issue where the unzipped files of portable executable (PE) samples used up storage space because the ESM Server didn't purge the files after uploading the samples to WildFire®.

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