Traps 4.1.3 Addressed Issues
The following table lists the issues that are addressed in the Traps™ 4.1.3 release. For new features introduced in Traps 4.1, as well as known issues and limitations, see Traps 4.1 Release Information.
Issue ID Description
CYV-13720 Fixed an issue in multi-ESM deployments where Traps agents always connected to the same ESM Server instead of randomly connecting with any available ESM Server.
CYV-13714 Fixed an issue where enabling the Anti-Ransomware Protection module caused endpoints to run out of disk space because Traps did not clear the Ransomware directory after restarting.
CYV-13643 Fixed an issue where restarting the Endpoint Security Manager (ESM) service enabled an ESM Server that you intentionally disabled.
CYV-13642 Fixed an issue where endpoints experienced slow performance due to high CPU usage after users triggered WildFire retransmissions by clicking Check In Now on the Traps agent console.
CYV-13624 Fixed an issue on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 endpoints where a stop error occurred after Traps agents received new policy or after you upgraded to or installed Traps agent 4.1.2.
CYV-13612 Fixed an issue where the Traps Cleaner tool did not remove all Traps-related data from the registry after a restart.
CYV-13594 Fixed an issue on endpoints that ran thousands of short-lived processes where the Kernel Privilege Escalation Protection Exploit Protection Module (EPM) triggered preventions based on false positives.
CYV-13592 Fixed an issue where you could not install content updates through the ESM Console ( Settings > ESM > Content Updates, Update Now) because the ESM Console installation process did not create the RestrictedTemp folder required for the updates.
CYV-13573 Fixed an issue on the ESM Console where the Security Events tab based the Summary counters and event times on hash timestamps instead of when Traps created the events.
CYV-13572 Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints where using multiple third-party drivers triggered a stop error.
CYV-13568 Fixed an issue where the ESM Server generated status-change reports even when the server status remained active.
CYV-13563 Fixed an issue where the ESM bypasses the Proxy server ( Settings > ESM > Settings) when downloading content updates ( Settings > ESM > Content Updates).
CYV-13556 Fixed an issue on macOS endpoints where applications did not run when a user first started them; the user had to start the applications a second time.
CYV-13532 Fixed an issue where Traps triggered false positives because the default policy for Traps agents did not disable all protection modules after you installed the agents.
CYV-13510 Fixed an issue where the process that performed uninstallation of a Traps agent did not remove the registry key associated with the Traps watchdog service ( HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\panwd ).
CVY-13500 Fixed an issue where applications stopped responding on endpoints after you enabled the JIT Mitigation, ROP Mitigation, or SysExit EPMs.
CYV-13497 Fixed an issue where the ESM Server sent logs without username values for ESM Console login events.
CYV-13491 Fixed an issue on Windows endpoints where a false positive triggered a Traps prevention for a DLL that was added to the Stackwalk Whitelist of a DLL Security, JIT Mitigation, or ROP Mitigation EPM.
CYV-13342 Fixed an issue where the ESM Console displayed duplicate entries for Traps agents when the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Service was unavailable. With this fix, Traps agents assign unique identifiers to endpoints without relying on the WMI Service.
CYV-12985 Fixed an issue where the Traps agent sent syslog messages without values for the user fields.
CYV-12303 Fixed an issue where administrators had to enter a username even after you disabled Proxy Authentication when configuring proxy communication ( Settings > ESM > Settings).
CYV-7980 Fixed an issue where the ESM Console displayed the Export Selected option twice when you opened the actions drop-down under Settings > Agent > Actions or Policies > Forensics > Agent Query.

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