Palo Alto Networks 5.1 Documentation

Welcome to the Palo Alto Networks 5.1 Documentation site.

The 5.1 release includes updates for Panorama and WildFire. Select a guide below to get started.

Other Panorama Versions: 8.0 |  7.1 | 7.0 | 6.1 | 6.0 | 5.0

Other WildFire Versions: 8.0 |  7.1 | 7.0 | 6.1 | 6.0 | 5.0

Panorama and WildFire 5.1 Release Notes

Provides information about the Panorama and WildFire 5.1 releases, including instructions for upgrading to this release, known issues, software compatibility information, and addressed issues.

PAN-OS 5.0 and Panorama 5.1 CLI Reference

Describes how to use the command-line interface (CLI) on the firewall and Panorama and provides reference information for each supported command.

Panorama 5.1 Administrator's Guide

The Panorama Administrator's Guide provides comprehensive information to help you manage your Palo Alto Networks devices using the Panorama virtual appliance or the M-100 appliance, including instructions for setting up distributed log collection. Translated versions are also available.

WildFire 5.1 Administrator's Guide

For instructions on configuring WildFire to identify, analyze and automatically generate protection for malware you previously did not know about, read the WildFire Administrator's GuideTranslated versions are also available.