GlobalProtect 8.1 Documentation

Welcome to the GlobalProtect 8.1 Documentation site! Select a guide below to learn about GlobalProtect features and how to deploy them.

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GlobalProtect Cloud Service

GlobalProtect Cloud Service Getting Started Guide

Use the GlobalProtect Cloud Service Getting Started Guide to learn how to deploy the GlobalProtect cloud service to protect your remote network locations and mobile users.

GlobalProtect Cloud Service Release Notes

Provides information about the GlobalProtect cloud service release, including known and addressed issues.


GlobalProtect Subscription

GlobalProtect Administrator's Guide

The GlobalProtect Administrator's Guide provides comprehensive information for setting up your GlobalProtect infrastructure to extend policy to all users, regardless of location or device.

What's New in PAN-OS 8.1 for GlobalProtect

Details the new GlobalProtect features introduced in PAN-OS 8.1.


GlobalProtect App

The GlobalProtect app is used by both GlobalProtect cloud service and GlobalProtect subscription to provide user identification information and policy enforcement on your endpoints.

GlobalProtect App Release Notes

Provides information about each GlobalProtect app release, including known issues, software compatibility information, and addressed issues.

GlobalProtect App New Features Guide

Describes all the new features introduced with GlobalProtect app.

GlobalProtect App User Guide

Guides end users through the process of installing the GlobalProtect app software. A customizable version is also available for Mac and Windows platforms.