Terminal Services (TS) Agent 8.1 Addressed Issues

Want to know if there are any issues related to the Terminal Services (TS) agent 8.1 release that have been addressed?
The following tables list the issues that are fixed in TS agent 8.1 releases. For new features, associated software versions, known issues, or changes in default behavior, see Terminal Services (TS) Agent 8.1 Release Information .
For recent updates to addressed issues for a given PAN-OS release, refer to https://live.paloaltonetworks.com/t5/Articles/Critical-Issues-Addressed-in-PAN-OS-Releases/ta-p/52882 .

TS Agent 8.1.2 Addressed Issues

Fixed an issue where installing and configuring the Terminal Services (TS) agent on a Windows server resulted in a BSOD due to a reserved port range conflict.

TS Agent 8.1.1 Addressed Issues

Fixed an issue where firewalls running PAN-OS 6.1 couldn’t connect to TS agent 8.1.0 because the agent didn’t allow TLSv1.0 connections. With this fix, TS agent 8.1.1 and later versions allow TLSv1.0 connections with firewalls running PAN-OS 6.1.

TS Agent 8.1.0 Addressed Issues

This release has no updates or addressed issues. The TS agent 8.1.0 release was provided to maintain parity with User-ID agent 8.1 releases.

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