Panorama 8.1 Documentation

Welcome to the Panorama 8.1 Documentation site! Select a guide below to learn about Panorama features and how to deploy them.

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Panorama Administrator's Guide

The Panorama Administrator's Guide provides comprehensive information to help you manage your Palo Alto Networks devices using the Panorama virtual appliance or an M-Series appliance, including instructions for setting up distributed log collection.

What's New in Panorama

Review the upgrade procedures, and read about the new features that were introduced in PAN-OS and Panorama 8.1 and how to configure them.

Logging Service

Use the Logging Service Getting Started Guide to learn how to begin forwarding logs from your hardware-based and virtual (private cloud and public cloud) firewalls and from the GlobalProtect cloud service to the Logging Service.



M-200 and M-600

Setup instructions for the M-200 and M-600 appliances. 


Setup instructions for the M-500 appliance.