Panorama 8.1 Documentation

Welcome to the Panorama 8.1 Documentation site! Select a guide below to learn about Panorama features and how to deploy them.

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Panorama Administrator's Guide

The Panorama Administrator's Guide provides comprehensive information to help you manage your Palo Alto Networks devices using the Panorama virtual appliance or an M-Series appliance, including instructions for setting up distributed log collection.

What's New in Panorama

Review the upgrade procedures, and read about the new features that were introduced in PAN-OS and Panorama 8.1 and how to configure them.

Logging Service

Use the Logging Service Getting Started Guide to learn how to begin forwarding logs from your hardware-based and virtual (private cloud and public cloud) firewalls and from the GlobalProtect cloud service to the Logging Service.

Panorama Plugins

Learn how to use the extensible plugin architecture on Panorama to enable new integrations and to manage large scale firewall deployments. 



M-200 and M-600

Setup instructions for the M-200 and M-600 appliances. 


Setup instructions for the M-500 appliance.