VM-Series 8.1 Documentation

Welcome to the Virtualization 8.1 Documentation site! Select a guide below to learn about deploying a VM-Series firewall running PAN-OS 8.1.

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What's New

Learn about new VM-Series firewall features and capabilities that are delivered outside of the PAN-OS software release cycle.


Deploy the VM-Series firewall on Cisco ENCS

(Nov 2018) Deploy the VM-Series firewall as a virtual network function on your SD-Branch infrastructure.


Create a Custom Amazon Machine Image (AMI) on AWS

(Nov 2018) Create a custom AMI to speed up the process of deploying a VM-Series firewall with the PAN-OS version of your choice. You can also encrypt the EBS volume of the VM-Series firewall.

Deploy the VM-Series Firewall on Azure Stack

(Sep 2018) Secure your hybrid cloud solution with the VM-Series firewall on Azure Stack.

VM-Series Deployment Guide

The VM-Series Deployment Guide takes you through the process of deploying the virtualized next-generation firewall to secure east/west or north/south traffic in your network. It includes the deployment topologies supported for public and private cloud.

What's New in Virtualization

This New Features Guide describes the new virtualization features that were introduced for VM-Series on PAN-OS 8.1.

Compatibility Matrix

The hypervisors and the public cloud regions in which you can deploy the VM-Series firewalls.

Panorama Virtual Appliance

Streamline the management of your next-generation firewalls with the Panorama virtual appliance in both private and public cloud deployments.