Get Started with Aperture

As you transition your sanctioned IT applications into the cloud, you increase the risk of compromising sensitive data and propagating malware. The Aperture™ service analyzes all data in your sanctioned software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and performs policy-driven analysis so that you can proactively and automatically remediate risks.
The Aperture service connects to your sanctioned SaaS application using the SaaS application’s API. This API integration allows the service to discover and scan all assets retroactively when you first connect the SaaS application. The Aperture service scans and analyzes all of your assets and applies policy to identify exposures, external collaborators, risky user behavior, and sensitive documents and identifies the potential risks associated with each asset. The service also performs deep content inspection and protects both your historical assets and new assets from malware, data exposure, and data exfiltration in near real-time. As the service identifies incidents, you can assess them and define automated actions to eliminate or close the incident. After the initial scan of your historical assets, the Aperture service continuously monitors your SaaS application and applies policy against new or modified assets for ongoing incident assessment and protection.