Cloud Services Documentation

Welcome to the Cloud Services documentation. Select a guide below to learn how to extend the next-generation security platform into the cloud for simplified deployment and reduced infrastructure and operational overhead

How do I use the Cloud Services Portal?

Read the Getting Started Guide to learn how to use the Cloud Services Portal to activate and access your Application Framework apps and services.

Release Notes

Provides information about each release of the Cloud Services plugin, known issues for GlobalProtect cloud service, Logging Service, and Magnifier, software compatibility information, and addressed issues.



Magnifier Getting Started

Provides information about how the Palo Alto Networks analytics engine can help you identify network intruders quickly and efficiently. Read this guide to learn about the Magnifier user interface, installation, and the alerts that the application can raise.


Log Forwarding App Getting Started

Use the Log Forwarding app to forward logs from the Logging Service to a Syslog receiver. This allows you to save the GlobalProtect cloud service, firewall, and Traps data that was logged to the Logging Service for long term storage, SOC, or internal audit obligations.



Use SECDO to gain complete endpoint visibility and improve cyber defenses to prevent future attacks.


Security Lifecycle Review (SLR)

Free with the Logging Service, SLR summarizes the risks your organization faces in a high-level report. Use SLR to assess your threat exposure as part of a product evaluation, during regular security check-ups, or to fine-tune your best practice security policy.


Logging Service

Use the Logging Service Getting Started Guide to learn how to begin forwarding logs from your hardware-based and virtual (private cloud and public cloud) firewalls and from the GlobalProtect cloud service to the Logging Service.

GlobalProtect Cloud Service 

Use the GlobalProtect Cloud Service Getting Started Guide to learn how to deploy the GlobalProtect cloud service to protect your remote network locations and mobile users.

Traps Management Service

The Traps management service is a cloud-delivered endpoint security solution  that you can use to protect the endpoints in your organization. 


Directory Sync Service Getting Started Guide

Walks you through the process of setting up the Directory Sync Service agent to obtain attributes from your Active Directory and configuring the Directory Sync Service to communicate with the agent.

Directory Sync Service Agent Help

Provides help for using the Directory Sync Service agent user interface.

Directory Sync Service Release Notes

Provides information about the release of the Directory Sync Service, including system requirements and prerequisites for the agent, and known issues.