Whether you are using next-generation firewalls, Panorama™ or WildFire®, we offer many flexible deployment options to meet your needs. In some cases, deployment flexibility is a personal preference. In other cases, it may be necessary to pick a certain option to adhere to company or regulatory requirements.


Deployment Flexibility with Next-Generation Firewalls

For any deployment of our next-generation firewalls, you have the option to go with a physical or a virtual appliance. Choose any of our next-generation or virtualized next-generation firewalls to deploy the right option for you.

Deployment Flexibility with Panorama

Depending on your network size, Panorama can be deployed via a single M-100, M-500, or a virtual appliance. For large networks, the M-100 or M-500 appliances can also be used as dedicated log collectors that collect logs from groups of firewalls.

The ability to use any combination of these deployment scenarios creates not only superior flexibility in the deployment of a network security management solution but also the needed scalability many fast-growing networks require.

Read the Panorama datasheet.

Deployment Flexibility with WildFire

In addition to either public or private WildFire cloud deployments, leveraging both deployment options within the same environment is also an option. Our hybrid cloud capabilities allow users more file analysis flexibility, as they are able to define which file types are sent to the WildFire public cloud versus the on-premise WF-500 or private cloud.

The WildFire hybrid cloud capability enables customers to alleviate privacy or regulatory concerns, by utilizing the WF-500 for file types containing sensitive data and the comprehensive analysis and global threat intelligence services of the WildFire public cloud for all others.