Implementing security in 5G networks
Curious to get an operator’s point of view on the scope of security considerations in the deployment cycle of 5G networks, we surveyed more than 100 global service provider respondents. You spoke; we listened.
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To keep pace with the ever-expanding volume of application, user and device-generated data, the K2-Series is designed for high performance and advanced threat prevention capabilities to secure your end-to-end mobile network. The K2-Series includes all our PA-7000 and PA-5200 Series appliances for physical deployments as well as our VM-Series firewalls designed for deployment in a wide range of SDN/NFV and multi-access edge computing (MEC) environments.
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PA-7000 Series Power, intelligence, simplicity and versatility for enterprise and service provider deployments.
PA-5200 Series No-compromise security and high-performance versatility for data centers and service providers.
VM-500 and VM-700 Deployable as NFV security components in fully virtualized data center, MEC and service provider environments.
Securing your 5G-ready Telco Cloud
Cloud computing is making headway into the telco space with telco networks built around an NFV cloud: a data center and network that host, deploy and service VNFs using a cloud framework. When it comes to security, traditional solutions often fall short in offering protection that aligns with the unique needs of the telco cloud.
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Step up your security approaches with a new level of sophistication.
Unprecedented visibility and threat controls across RAN, EPC, Roaming, Gi, MEC and NB-IoT deployments.
Automated IMSI/IMEI to threat correlation for actionable insights and accelerated security incident troubleshooting.
Cloud-driven threat intelligence powered by AI/ML techniques for rapid, realtime response to threats.
Dynamic security insertion for security service alignment with dynamic workloads across hybrid cloud environments.
Cloud-ready NFV offering with deployment flexibility, for consistent and cloud-agnostic security for distributed cloud architectures.
Zero Trust security extensible across 5G network architectures by adopting a multilayered security strategy to reduce the attack surface.
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