Prisma™ Cloud
Comprehensive security at the speed of cloud
Prisma™ Cloud
Comprehensive security at the speed of cloud

Prisma Cloud is the industry’s only comprehensive Cloud Native Security Platform that delivers full lifecycle security and full stack protection for multi- and hybrid-cloud environments.


Executive summary detailing the state of Cloud Native Security

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Unit 42 Cloud Threat Report, 1H 2021

The COVID-19 Conundrum: Cloud Security Impact and Opportunity


Support for all your cloud security needs

Cloud Security Posture Management

Monitor cloud security posture, detect and respond to threats, and maintain compliance.

Cloud Workload Protection

Secure hosts, containers, and serverless across the application lifecycle.

Cloud Network Security

Monitor and secure cloud networks, and enforce microsegmentation.

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Enforce permissions and secure identities across workloads and clouds.

Why Prisma Cloud

Develop cloud native applications with confidence

Ever-evolving cloud environments give developers and DevOps speed to innovate, but security teams remain responsible for protection and compliance.

Prisma Cloud delivers a comprehensive, best-in-class solution to integrate security across the full application lifecycle—so modern enterprises reduce complexity and secure applications across public and private clouds.

  • Global customers
  • cloud resources monitored
  • Fortune 100 Trust Prisma Cloud

Shift security left across the full application lifecycle


Secure the build by meeting developers where they are

 Visibility, Compliance, and Governance
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Prisma Cloud enables DevOps to scan and fix security issues directly in existing processes, preventing insecure software from progressing through the pipeline.


Enable security to keep pace with DevOps release cycles

 Visibility, Compliance, and Governance
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Prisma Cloud ensures that even code that has passed the build quality gate is free of security issues when it’s time to deploy. If security requirements aren’t met, Prisma Cloud can stop the deployment.


Continually prioritize risk and protect applications

 Visibility, Compliance, and Governance
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Prisma Cloud measures risk across environments and applications, combined with full stack runtime protection, so organizations can strengthen security anywhere they run their business


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