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There is limitless potential for developers and entrepreneurs to create game-changing security innovation and build a sustainable business in the process. However, today’s developers are often challenged with inefficiencies across the current product creation and delivery model, which can slow down the rapid build and scale out of new products.

The current state of the art involves vendors taking their precious resources and reinventing network, endpoint, and SaaS application sensors and enforcement points, instead of focusing on their core innovation and differentiator in the market.

Inherent in this model is asking customers to take a leap of faith and deploy more infrastructure across their network, endpoint and cloud, which must be purchased and managed. Once built, providers will often struggle with the cost and complexity of data collection, storage and compute over large customer data sets, which can take time to build.

The Application Framework

The Palo Alto Networks Application Framework is reinventing how customers rapidly access, evaluate and adopt the most compelling new security technologies as an extension of the Next-Generation Security Platform they already own and operate. The all-new framework is a culmination of over a decade of security disruption, providing customers with superior security through compelling cloud-based apps developed by Palo Alto Networks and today’s most innovative security providers, large and small.

Benefits of Developing for the Application Framework

Security vendors can focus on building high-value security functionality, instead of developing the infrastructure and data stores necessary to effectively deliver their applications and establish a foothold in the market. The Palo Alto Networks Application Framework and Venture Fund (described below) help companies craft innovative technology that solves the most important security use cases facing the market today, providing them with

Seamless customer adoption

With access to an install base of nearly 40,000 Palo Alto Networks customers without having to develop, sell and deploy hardware in customer networks.

Data access

Leverage our massive customer-specific data store and threat intelligence to tune your machine learning, threat intelligence or other application logic to provide unique value to a security-focused customer set.

Speed to market

By taking advantage of a unique cloud-delivered consumption model and native access to the customer-specific data store, developers can accelerate the delivery of innovations to the market. 


Access to Capital

Palo Alto Networks is also creating a venture fund in expected collaboration with Greylock Partners and Sequoia Capital, helping spur developers and entrepreneurs to create compelling new security applications for the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework. The Palo Alto Networks Venture Fund will provide the capital and tools to fuel the growth of seed-, early- and growth-stage security companies. We welcome you to apply for funding now.

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