Streamlining next-gen security deployments for remote networks and mobile users

GlobalProtectâ„¢ extends the protection of our next-generation security platform to your remote networks and mobile users. GlobalProtect cloud service operationalizes the deployment by leveraging a cloud-based security infrastructure operated by Palo Alto Networks. Based on our next generation security platform, GlobalProtect cloud service is managed by Panorama, allowing you to create and deploy consistent security policies across your entire organization. GlobalProtect cloud service follows a shared ownership model allowing you to move your remote location and mobile user security expenditures to a more efficient and predictable OPEX-based model.

Introducing GlobalProtect cloud service 

Watch the Lightboard to learn how GlobalProtect cloud service uses a cloud-based security infrastructure to minimize the operational burden associated with protecting remote networks and mobile users from cyberattacks with consistent next-generation security policies. 

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