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Sandbox analysis of the unknown is only the first step in effectively stopping advanced threats. WildFire™ cloud-based threat analysis service analyzes files and links globally and designates never-before-seen items for further investigation using static and dynamic analysis over multiple operating systems and application versions. If a sample is categorized as malicious, WildFire will automatically generate and populate a holistic set of new preventions to our Next-Generation Security Platform and integration partners, minimizing the risk of infection from known and unknown threats without any additional, manual action.

WildFire correlates global, community-driven threat intelligence from multiple sources across networks, endpoints and clouds to immediately halt threats from spreading. WildFire's architecture provides granular controls over what data will be submitted for analysis. Elements like file type and session data, as well as choosing the data path and regional WildFire cloud where the analysis and data storage will take place, are all configurable.



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Learn how WildFire’s automated, closed-loop detection and prevention capabilities enable you to take a proactive approach to preventing cyberattacks.   

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Learn how WildFire offers advanced protection from unknown threats through native integration with our Next-Generation Security Platform. The service brings advanced threat detection and prevention to every security technology deployed throughout the network, endpoint and cloud, enabling the sharing of protections with all subscribers globally, automatically in as little as five minutes.


Learn how WildFire simplifies and expedites an organization’s response to the most dangerous threats by automating the process of detecting the unknown, generating intelligence, and distributing protections that remove the manual efforts required by legacy solutions. Results include reduced volumes of successful attacks and manual security processes, and increases in the effectiveness of security teams to focus on what matter most: the targeted attacks.   

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Two options to experience WildFire yourself

Security Lifecycle Review

Strict policies and solid security measures can’t eliminate hidden threats in your systems. Our Security Lifecycle Review (SLR) examines your network traffic and then generates a comprehensive report unique to your organization. You’ll discover the applications and threats exposing vulnerabilities in your security’s posture.

This offering leverages both WildFire and AutoFocus technologies, providing coordinated visibility and control to security professionals, threat hunters, and management teams.

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Join us for an Ultimate Test Drive, where you'll get hands-on experience with WildFire and our Next-Generation Security Platform. Experience how easy it is to add WildFire to your security portfolio and start enjoying the automated acceleration in your prevention capabilities. 

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