Demo: Preventing Credential-Based Attacks

Watch our product managers and threat researchers demonstrate how protections in the Palo Alto Networks platform neutralize an attacker's ability to steal credentials, as well as stop them from abusing stolen credentials to gain unauthorized access.


Single Pass Architecture

With the single-pass architecture, Palo Alto Networks makes it possible to add a function to a next-generation firewall, instead of adding another security device, and in such a way that the integrated approach actually offers cybersecurity benefits and advantages that discrete devices cannot.
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URL Filtering At-A-Glance

Learn how we provide safe web browsing with our URL Filtering service Reduce the risk of infection from dangerous websites and protect users and data from malware and credential-phishing pages Protection across the attack lifecycle through integration with WildFire and the Next-Generation Security Platform Keep protections synchronized with the latest threat intelligence through our cloud-based URL categorization for phishing, malware and undesired content Full visibility and threat inspection into normally opaque web traffic through granular control over SSL decryption
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DNS Protection Technology Brief

DNS protection capabilities are supported by Palo Alto Network's Next Generation Security platform, protecting traffic from malware and other malicious activity.
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Selective SSL Decryption for Threat Prevention

This paper lays out a basic approach that you can use to strike an appropriate balance between security and performance by selectively decrypting and inspecting SSL traffic based on policy.
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Logging Service Privacy Datasheet

Logging Service Privacy Datasheet
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Zero Trust: A Transformation Journey

Read how to apply the Zero Trust cybersecurity strategy through transformation to a prevention-based architecture. Included are technical capabilities as well as business outcomes for each level of transformation as well as tools to measure your capabilities as you progress through the transformation journey
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