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Executive Summary: Toward Enterprise-class Cybersecurity by ESG

In 2018, the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) completed a research survey of 232 cybersecurity and IT professionals with knowledge of, or responsibility for their organization’s cybersecurity policies, processes, and controls. Based on the results of this project, the research indicates a desire for vendor and security technology consolidation. This changing cybersecurity technology landscape features tightly integrated product platforms, platform wars and security vendor bifurcation. At present there are over 1,000 security technology vendors with many providing a single type of point tool. The research indicates a shift in the balance of power toward enterprise-class cybersecurity vendors with broad portfolios of products and services. A few enterprise-class vendors will likely dominate the market with point tools vendors adding value with API-level integration into end-to-end security technology architectures. As such, responders clearly see the benefits of buying Cybersecurity products and services from a single vendor.