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A New Approach to Prevention-Based Security
Network Security Best Practices
Security and Compliance in the Cloud
Stopping Sophisticated Attacks on the Endpoint
Automated Threat Detection and Prevention
Security Innovations At Your Fingertips
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Digital transformations like cloud, big data analytics and automation enhance business activity, application delivery and our digital way of life. Yet, this digital evolution requires changes to the IT process, and IT leaders struggle to minimize risk while keeping up with business demands.

Cyberattacks continue to disrupt business productivity. Spending on security feels endless, and legacy security tools require analysts to manually stitch together insights from disconnected sources before acting. A new approach focused on automation and cloud security is required.

The Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform prevents successful cyberattacks through automation. Accurate analytics streamline routine tasks and focus on business priorities. Tight integration across the platform and with ecosystem partners delivers consistent security across cloud, network and mobile devices. Customers love our security because it just works, consistently awarding us the highest loyalty rating in the industry.

The Security

Forrester Platform
TEI Report:
Executive Summary

2020 and Beyond:
What’s Ahead for CISOs
and InfoSec Teams

I wouldn’t trade our Palo Alto Networks platform for anything. What you might save initially, you end up paying for in troubleshooting and constantly monkeying with a less robust solution. With Palo Alto Networks, we have a platform that simply works the way we intend, and it works well.”
- Jon Urbanki, Network Manager

There are a lot of exciting opportunities that we haven’t had before. Because of the consistency and high percentage of true positives we get from the Palo Alto Networks platform, we have the confidence now to automate. We could take advantage of information the Palo Alto Networks platform provides and automate threat mitigation. That’s something we’ve never had the opportunity to do until now.”
- Joel Pfeifer, Principle Security Analyst

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As organizations deliver new applications and services to drive business growth, they often deploy tools and technologies in order to minimize risk that are disparate and not natively integrated. Gluing these applications together requires significant manual effort while increasing risk and decreasing business growth.

Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls secure your business with a prevention-focused architecture you can easily deploy and operate. Our next-generation firewalls prevent known and previously unknown threats, including in encrypted traffic, and employs automation to save time with security rules that mirror business policy. Our next-generation firewalls are available as physical appliances, virtualized appliances and cloud-delivered services,

all managed consistently with Panorama™ network security management. As part of the Security Operating Platform, next-generation firewalls help organizations rapidly adopt security innovations that are natively integrated, such as WildFire® cloud-based threat analysis service and Magnifier™ behavioral analytics, while sharing data and intelligence across endpoints and cloud.

10 Things
Your Firewall
Must Do

the Extended

Protection and
Prevention With
Next-Gen Security
for SDDC

7-time Gartner
MQ Leader

It was clear we could do much more with Palo Alto Networks compared to any other firewall, to ensure security and increase efficiencies. The PA-5020 does everything much more quickly than old fashioned firewalls, and provides security, visibility, and control at the application level.”

With the User-ID™ technologies and App-ID™, we are easily able to filter all of the way down to an actual user and individual application, looking at things such as a user’s session on the network. And we’re much better protected at the same time.”

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How to Secure
Your Business in a
Multi-Cloud World

2018 Cloud
Security Report

Cloud Security is a
Shared Responsibility

Practically every day you hear about another hospital system or vendor that's been attacked. As risk management experts handling very sensitive protected health information in a public cloud, it is incumbent upon us to provide the highest levels of security for our customers. ‘Good enough' is not sufficient; we have to exceed their expectations, and with Palo Alto Networks, we are doing that.”
- James Lawson, Chief Solutions Office

Palo Alto Networks was the only network security vendor we found that had a platform designed for the cloud. It’s ideal since we can take advantage of AWS’s redundancy to ensure high availability of our virtualized firewalls and GlobalProtect gateways. It makes it easy for us to scale our security platform as we continue to bring on new customers and business ventures.”
- Computer Engineer


of today’s workloads
run in the public cloud

Cybersecurity Insiders, “2018 Cloud
Security Report,” 2018


of security professionals are
concerned about cloud security

Gartner, “A Public Cloud Risk Model: Accepting Cloud Risk
is OK, Ignoring Cloud Risk is Tragic,” November 2, 2016

Cloud-based software and services – Iaas, SaaS and PaaS – provide great agility, scalability and performance. However, the use of multiple security tools from multiple vendors has led to a fragmented security environment that has limited visibility and requires larger manual effort for implementation, leaving organizations exposed to threats and data breaches.

The Palo Alto Networks® Security Operating Platform provides security tailored to the cloud. It delivers consistent, automated protection across public clouds, SaaS applications and private clouds so you can rapidly adopt cloud-delivered services while avoiding business disruption.

With Palo Alto Networks:

Protect multi-cloud deployments with inline, API- and host-based protection technologies

Address your CASB needs while delivering advanced capabilities in risk discovery, data loss prevention and advanced threat protection with Aperture™ SaaS security service (API-based) and GlobalProtect™ cloud service (inline)

Provide consistent and automated security with the VM-Series through private and hybrid clouds via native integrations with private cloud offerings and automation features to simplify security operations, save time and reduce risk

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A Prevention-First Appoach

Nearly every attack relies on compromising an endpoint. Though most organizations have deployed endpoint protection – infections, ransomware and stolen information remain common. Today’s sophisticated threat landscape requires a new approach to endpoint protection.

Palo Alto Networks™ Traps advanced endpoint protection stops threats on the endpoint and coordinates enforcement across cloud and network security to prevent successfulcyberattacks. Traps minimizes endpoint infections by blocking malware, exploits and ransomware.

As an integral part of the Security Operating Platform, Traps continuously exchanges data with WildFire and the Logging Service to deliver additional malware analysis, shared intelligence and automated containment across the entire security ecosystem.

Combine Network
and Endpoint Security
for Better Visibility,
Protection and

in NSS Labs
AEP Test

How Traps Prevents

We were looking for the widest range of protection we could get, including preventing an employee from launching an executable that locks up their computer with ransomware. With Traps running in conjunction with our next-generation firewalls, if an end user does something foolish on their computer, on or off our network, we apply policy to it and prevent the threat from detonating.”
- David Shanker, Vice President of
Information Technology

Traps has completely changed our approach to endpoint protection. Before Traps, if you got an email attachment, all you could do was scan it. If a zero-day came out, there was no vulnerability control with traditional antivirus. Now, with Traps, it's just set it and forget it. If someone tries to execute a file, it's blocked until WildFire runs the analysis and determines whether it's malicious or benign. The days of someone trying to send you a ZIP file to mess up your PC are over. I feel more comfortable with our endpoint protection now because Traps looks at everything. It takes away a lot of concern.”
- Brett Lopeman, IT

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increase in malware delivered
through encrypted traffic

AutoFocus Contextual
Threat Intelligence


increase in

AutoFocus Contextual
Threat Intelligence

Today’s attackers are well-funded and well-equipped. They use evasive tactics to gain footholds in networks and launch both high-volume and targeted attacks while remaining invisible to traditional defenses. Organizations lack the visibility and a utomation needed to identify these threats. Disparate security products prevent swift investigation and response, increasing the risk of a successful attack.

The Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform is built with a prevention-first approach with threat information shared across security functions. By combining network, cloud and endpoint security with advanced threat intelligence, we safely enable applications while automatically blocking known and

unknown threats – as well as in-progress attacks – at every stage of the attack lifecycle. The platform harnesses analytics to automate detection and enforcement, with data collection and analysis integrated across the platform to maximize security efficacy and IT efficiency.

Cyber Threat Report:
Reconnaissance 2.0

ESG: Addressing the
Cybersecurity Skills
Shortage with Behavioral

Rethink Your
Strategy to
Defeat Evasive

WildFire is a vital component of ACI’s security architecture today. With its machine learning and static and dynamic analysis, including the capability to run evasive malware on bare metal, it helps ACI get beyond the constraints of some of the legacy systems the technology team deals with from the acquisitions.”
- Ryan Fay, Global Chief Information Officer

We don't have to triangulate information from multiple systems to figure out where the problem is. We have one place to catch whatever bad behavior is going on, whether it's emanating from inside or outside the network, and regardless of what threat vector the bad actor is using. We can even determine if the same bad actor is using more than one method. This helps us be more proactive in identifying potential threats and to respond much faster if there is an incident.”
- Elon Turner, Director of Infrastructure

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Today’s teams spend more time testing, integrating and operating disconnected tools than stopping threats. With data dispersed across multiple tools and formats, deployment seems endless and ineffective.

Palo Alto Networks Application Framework enables you to consume security innovations quickly and efficiently. The framework extends the capabilities of the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform through a suite of APIs developers can use to connect apps with rich data, threat intelligence and enforcement points. Your teams can use apps for detection, analytics, automated prevention and rapid response, extending the value of your existing investment in Palo Alto Networks.

The Application

Developers for
the Application

Customers of Microsoft and Palo Alto Networks really want a single integration story, and so the ability to call one API and have the data from the data lake in Palo Alto Networks Application Framework available to the security API is going to be a huge benefit to the customer.”

My developers found {the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework} very easy to work with. It was intuitive, and it didn’t take long for them to build it into our tool that makes the right API calls. Within a couple of weeks we were querying the Logging Service Application Framework, getting the information back, and refining it to achieve our deliverable product.”

The benefit that our clients receive from this Application Framework is the best of both worlds. On the one hand, they benefit from their existing Palo Alto Networks infrastructure. On top of that, they also benefit from superior visibility into their clinical networks, anomaly detection for their clinical setting, and prevention capabilities that our platform provides.”

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The prevention posture assessment is a comprehensive analysis of
your organizations security posture. It's an oportunity to
gain an overall understanding of your posture, gaps
and how different prevention capabilities
bridge those gaps.
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