Cyber for Women


Palo Alto Networks has launched its new podcast series, "Cyber for Women", which aims to tackle the key issues facing women in the cybersecurity industry. With a significant skills shortage likely to result in an escalating demand for cybersecurity professionals, some experts predict there will be 9,000 vacant roles by 2020. Attracting more women to the industry is one key way to address this shortfall.


The "Cyber for Women" podcast was created to talk about how women can build successful careers in cybersecurity, giving fresh perspectives on this ever-changing industry. If you know of or are and inspirational woman in cyber and would like to tell your story on the "Cyber for Women" podcast, we’d love to hear from you. Click here to register your interest.


Share the link with other women who you think would find this series useful.


Women in Cyber Podcast - 1 Watch Now
Women in Cyber Podcast - 2 Watch Now
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