Women In Cyber Podcast

Palo Alto Networks has launched its new podcast series, "Cyber for Women", which aims to tackle the key issues facing women in the cybersecurity industry. With a significant skills shortage likely to result in an escalating demand for cybersecurity professionals, some experts predict there will be 9,000 vacant roles by 2020. Attracting more women to the industry is one key way to address this shortfall.


We interview Rinki Sethi, senior director of information security at Palo Alto Networks. Rinki began her career in cybersecurity almost by accident following a free pizza night. After roles at Walmart.com, eBay and Intuit, Rinki is now a senior leader at Palo Alto Networks. She credits her love of mathematics and an electronics class in which she was the only woman among 99 men with setting her on a path towards a computer science degree.