Colleges are perfect targets for cybercrime as few institutions have the resources – technological, financial or human – to fully protect themselves from cyberthieves. With an evolving threat landscape, it’s critical for institutions to drive collaboration in cybersecurity and share best practices.

Many organizations are joining initiatives like OmniSOC, which has dedicated staff members who actively monitor security information and data from member networks, sharing threat insights with all members so they can better defend against cyberthreats.

“We can’t do this alone, so we have to be really smart and efficient about how we bring current resources to bear collaboratively to combat this threat.”

– Tom Davis, executive director and CIO, OmniSOC

In the case study, you’ll learn how colleges are preventing successful cyberattacks by:

  • Monitoring security threats through shared insights
  • Staffing cybersecurity teams beyond their capabilities
  • Building a security operations center for multiple universities