To provide customers with a framework for evaluating the financial impact of investing in our Security Operating Platform, Palo Alto Networks® engaged with Forrester® Consulting. Forrester conducted a Total Economic Impact™ study with three long-term customers of Palo Alto Networks to better understand the benefits, costs and risks associated with their investment. 

The results of the study determined the three-year financial impact of the Security Operating Platform to have a net present value of nearly $3.9 million and a return on investment of 65 percent.

Specific benefits mentioned in the study include: 

  • Improved SecOps remediation time: The integrated platform reduces triage and analysis time by up to 1.25 hours per incident – 1.52 hours by the third year – saving approximately 29,000 hours.
  • Increased end user uptime: Quicker triage and improved security with the platform bolster end user productivity, amounting to a present value of nearly $1.3 million over three years.
  • Reduced IT help desk support: The platform quickly identifies and counteracts threats enterprise-wide, cutting help desk tickets and the need for endpoint restoration by 20 percent.
  • Lower capex and opex costs: By eliminating the need to purchase multiple point products from different vendors, the platform provides cost avoidance to the tune of almost $3.5 million.

To learn more, read the executive summary.