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Forrester: The Ransomware Survival Guide

In the fight against ransomware, you need to strategically prepare your organization to protect against and respond to attacks. But IT organizations often struggle to prioritize the appropriate initiatives to combat and mitigate the impact of ransomware. With more tools, technologies and processes than ever, you need practical guidance to help you detect, prevent, respond, and limit your overall exposure to ransomware and other destructive attacks. 

The Ransomware Survival Guide from Forrester provides the prescriptive recommendations you need to tailor investments around your environment, so you can implement critical, achievable steps to defend against ransomware attacks.

Download the report today to learn:

  • Practical steps to defend against destructive attacks that aren’t operationally challenging.
  • How to prioritize the implementation of different security controls based on your environment and resource constraints.
  • Where your current security program maturity sits to create a more robust ransomware defense.

Gain a fighting chance against a multitude of different destructive attacks.