Palo Alto Networks and Centrify have joined forces to centralize the management of VPN user accounts and safeguard access to the firewall web interface by integrating the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall with Centrify Application Service. Centrify Application Service can apply risk-based policies and optionally require additional factors of authentication, such as mobile push notification, secure OTP, SMS, voice or smartcard authentication, to prevent credential-based attacks. 

Read this brief to learn how to protect user credentials with Palo Alto Networks and Centrify.


VM-Series Specsheet

The VM-Series has been optimized and expanded to deliver industry-leading performance of up to 16Gbps of App-ID-enabled firewall throughput across five models.

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VM-Series on VMware

Key features, performance capacities and specifications of VM-Series for VMWare.

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AWS Reference Architecture

This guide provides a foundation for securing network infrastructure using Palo Alto Networks® VMSeries virtualized next generation firewalls within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud.

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Azure Reference Architecture

This document provides architectural guidance for solution architects and engineers who are familiar with the next-generation firewall but not Azure.

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Palo Alto Networks Logging Service

Palo Alto Networks® Logging Service introduces a simpler approach, managing valuable security logs while enabling innovative security applications in concert with Palo Alto Networks Application Framework.

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VM-Series on VMware NSX

Key features, performance capacities and specifications of VM-Series on VMware® NSX.

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