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Security Platform for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare data has become increasingly targeted by cybercriminals; at the same time security and network staff at health- care providers are required to:

  • Support new medical tech innovations, such as telehealth, wearable health devices, and network-connected medical equipment, as well as broad IT trends like the virtualization of the data center, cloud migration and mobile devices.
  • Detect and block threats; investigate cyber incidents.
  • Enable safe access to patient data from a myriad of entry points, including hospitals, clinics, insurers, doctors’ home offices, affiliate facilities, mobile devices and more.
  • Ensure compliance with HIPAA, PCI and other regulations impacting patient data, medical equipment, and credit card transactions.

With Palo Alto Networks®, you can deploy a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy throughout the organization, regardless of access point location, usage profile, type of traffic, and more. Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform protects complex IT environments for hospitals and clinics by providing:

  •  Full visibility and granular control over applications, users, and content on your network.
  • Ability to apply role-based access to any asset on your network.
  • Detection and prevention of known and unknown threats on the network, endpoint, data center, and in the cloud.
  • Effective segmentation of network zones based on asset sensitivity, access profiles and information exchanged to reduce risk and simplify compliance.
  • Elimination of unauthorized traffic and applications that consume a lot of bandwidth (example: Netflix).
  • Safe patient access to the internet with isolated Guest-Wi-Fi at your various facilities.

For more information on how Palo Alto Networks serves healthcare delivery organizations, visit our Cybersecurity for the healthcare page at

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