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Cybersecurity for K-12 Districts and Schools Platform Brief

Keeping students and their data safe, while maintaining a modern and engaging learning environment, is a delicate balance. Read this brief to discover how Palo Alto Networks enables effective cybersecurity for K-12 schools and districts by automatically preventing cyberthreats across cloud, network and endpoint devices while granting administrators granular visibility and control over users and their network usage.

Schools and school districts around the world use one or more elements of the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform to:

  • Gain complete visibility and granular control over what users are doing on the network.
  • Automatically prevent ransomware, other malware and other cyber risks from affecting devices and users.
  • Protect students from inappropriate content through content filtering on
    • School-owned devices inside and outside the network.
    • BYOD devices inside the school network.
  • Prevent the spread of malware and protect critical information with virtual segmentation.
  • Safely enable cloud use and SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365® and Google G Suite™ 
  • Protect school-owned devices inside and outside the network through advanced endpoint security.
  • Simplify security operations by automatically correlating threat intelligence and reprogramming all enforcement points with the very latest protection with no human intervention.

For more information on how Palo Alto Networks serves K-12 schools and districts, visit our Cybersecurity for K-12 education page at