Keeping students and their data safe, while maintaining a modern and engaging learning environment, is a delicate balance. Read this brief to discover how Palo Alto Networks enables effective cybersecurity for K-12 schools and districts by automatically preventing cyberthreats across cloud, network and endpoint devices while granting administrators granular visibility and control over users and their network usage.

Schools and school districts around the world use one or more elements of the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform to:

  • Gain complete visibility and granular control over what users are doing on the network.
  • Automatically prevent ransomware, other malware and other cyber risks from affecting devices and users.
  • Protect students from inappropriate content through content filtering on
    • School-owned devices inside and outside the network.
    • BYOD devices inside the school network.
  • Prevent the spread of malware and protect critical information with virtual segmentation.
  • Safely enable cloud use and SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365® and Google G Suite™ 
  • Protect school-owned devices inside and outside the network through advanced endpoint security.
  • Simplify security operations by automatically correlating threat intelligence and reprogramming all enforcement points with the very latest protection with no human intervention.

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Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection AV-Comparatives Award

AV-Comparatives, the independent organization that tests and assesses antivirus (AV) software, announced the completion of its 2017 “Comparison of Next-Generation Security Products” and presented Traps advanced endpoint protection with its “Approved” award. The firm conducted a series of malware protection and exploit prevention tests on Traps during September and October 2017. Download the report to view the results of this test.
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Traps: Advanced Endpoint Protection

Palo Alto Networks Advanced Endpoint Protection represents a complete paradigm shift from identification to pure prevention. Providing comprehensive exploit and malware prevention that is not designed to identify; instead, it prevents an attack before the malware can be successful.
Santa Clara, CA
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Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection Technology Overview

Most organizations deploy a number of security products to protect their endpoints, including one or more traditional antivirus solutions. Nevertheless, cyber breaches continue to increase in frequency, variety and sophistication. Faced with the rapidly changing threat landscape, current endpoint security solutions and antivirus can no longer prevent security breaches on the endpoint. Palo Alto Networks® Traps™ advanced endpoint protection replaces traditional antivirus with a unique combination of the most effective, purpose-built, malware and exploit prevention methods that pre-emptively block known and unknown threats from compromising a system.
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2018 NSS Labs Advanced Endpoint Protection Report

Palo Alto Networks advanced endpoint protect Traps achieved the rating of “Recommend” in the 2018 NSS Labs Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) Test. This test aims to determine how effectively the AEP product can protect against a threat, regardless of the infection vector or method of obfuscation. The AEP test evaluated several vendors ability to detect, prevent, continuously monitor and take action against malware, exploits, evasions and blended threats.
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How to Secure Your Business in a Multi-Cloud World

This paper highlights an innovative security approach that eliminates the wide range of cloud risks that can cause breaches, while enabling organizations to achieve consistent and frictionless cloud protections for multi-cloud environments.
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Health Check and Configuration Audit

The Palo Alto Networks Certified Professional Services Program (CPSP) enables and promotes qualified partners who have demonstrated professional services capabilities and expertise.
Palo Alto Networks,
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