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Navigating the Digital Age for Australia

Technology has transformed our world and will continue to do so. As we move more of our lives, business operations, and critical infrastructure into the digital arena, cyberattacks become more successful and damaging.

Securing the trust in our digital networks is fundamental to protecting our way of life in this digital age. In order for companies to thrive in today’s global economy, they need to deliver their services along with security; however, this can only happen once leaders see cybersecurity and risk management as an extension of their business operations and growth.

For this reason, Palo Alto Networks, in conjunction with Forbes and thought leaders across Australia from the public and private sector, have come together to write Navigating the Digital Age: The Definitive Cybersecurity Guide for Directors and Officers. Intended as both a how-to guide and an anthology, this book includes advice and cybersecurity best practices from CEOs, CISOs, lawyers, consultants and former government officials.

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