E-government initiatives provide citizens with better access to government services, yet they also place extra demands on IT and security teams. These initiatives must block ransomware and other sophisticated threats as well as keep sensitive data safe amid budget and staffing concerns.

Read this brief for a concise summary of how Palo Alto Networks® helps city, county and municipal governments automatically prevent cyberthreats while controlling access to sensitive data and minimizing security management overhead.

Local governments around the world use the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform to:

  • Automate correlation across network, endpoint and cloud security sensors, preventing unknown threats in as few as five minutes after they’re first seen anywhere in the world.
  • Detect and prevent phishing, credential theft and abuse.
  • Reduce analyst hours by reducing incidents to the most critical events.
  • Prevent malware, including ransomware, and other threats from affecting government operations or stealing data.
  • Protect and gain visibility into the entire network: government-owned mobile devices, computers and servers; ICS/SCADA networks and assets; traditional or virtualized data centers; and public cloud and SaaS applications.
  • Reduce security complexity and cost of operations.

For more information on how Palo Alto Networks serves city, county and municipal governments, visit our Provincial, State & Local Government page.