Palo Alto Networks and Aruba have partnered to deliver an integrated solution that provides superior visibility into corporate, IoT and devices on the network, allowing you to enforce firewall policies and application access based on user identity and device security posture.


Product Summary Specsheet

Key features, performance capacities and specifications for all Palo Alto Networks firewalls.
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Palo Alto Networks Support Services Datasheet

Overview of service and support options available to you.
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Security Lifecycle Review

Security Lifecycle Review
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Actionable Security Intelligence

This white paper describes how Palo Alto Network next-generation firewalls and Panorama help you get actionable security insights.
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Application Usage and Threat Report

The AUTR provides visibility into the real-world threat and application landscape, helping security teams to understand how adversaries are attempting to attack organizations around the world and build proactive, actionable controls. Built by the Unit 42 threat research team, the report correlates data from more than 7,000 enterprise organizations, providing broad visibility into critical trends.
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Credential-Based Attacks

Credential-Based Attacks: Exposing the Ecosystem and Motives Behind Credential Phishing, Theft and Abuse In this white paper, Unit 42 details the ecosystem behind how adversaries steal and leverage legitimate credentials to break in and move laterally within the organization, often bypassing security controls. Learn the key attack methods currently in use, how this technique fits into attacker playbooks, and real-world guidance on preventing successful attacks.
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