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Three Questions to Ask Your CIO About Public Cloud Security

Just about every C-level executive or board member at  an organization larger than a lemonade stand is looking to adopt the public cloud for application deployment. You can’t read a business magazine or scan your favorite social media site without running into an argument for a brand-name public cloud service.

You don’t need to know the technical aspects of how your CIO is going to protect your organization’s applications and data. But since you do care – deeply – about safeguarding everything from customer data to intellectual property, you want to be confident that your teams responsible for ensuring secure delivery of public cloud services have all the answers.

If your CIO has been planning ahead, your organization probably at least has a plan for secure collaboration with public cloud service providers on the critical infrastructure components of servers, storage and networks. And if the CIO has been thinking strategically, you should already have a comprehensive, tightly integrated security framework for your enterprise’s applications and data.

Here are three questions to ask your CIO about public cloud security.