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SILVERTERRIER: The Next Evolution in Nigerian Cybercrime

Unit 42 tracks Nigerian Threat Actors and finds they’ve evolved into capable and formidable adversaries successfully attacking major companies and governments.

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Unit 42 Report - Ransomware: Unlocking the Lucrative Criminal Business Model

Ransomware, specifically cryptographic ransomware, has quickly become one of the greatest cyberthreats facing organizations around the world. This criminal business model has proven to be highly effective in generating revenue for cyber adversaries in addition to causing significant operational impact to affected organizations. It is largely victim agnostic, spanning the globe and affecting all major industry verticals. Small organizations, large enterprises, individual home users – all are potential targets.

Santa Clara, CA, USA
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How To (Effectively) Prevent Ransomware Infections

Today’s security deployments are quickly becoming unmanageable. Multiple user interfaces, too many security policies, and mountains of data from many different sources create the complexity of today’s cyber security environment. Combined with the global shortage of security personnel this situation calls for streamlined management solutions that empower network security administrators to do more with less.

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Cybersecurity Canon Honorees Inducted at Palo Alto Networks Ignite 2016 Conference

Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the leader in next-generation security, today announced the 2016 Cybersecurity Canon award winners.

Las Vegas
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BackStab: Mobile Backup Data Under Attack From Malware

Unit 42 has recently identified malware exploiting an attack technique we have named “BackStab,” in which attackers can capture private information from backup files stored on a Windows PC or Macintosh. Under default conditions, iOS devices plugged into a computer running iTunes may create an unencrypted backup file that contains many types of private information. Forensics experts have known about these backups for years and have used them to capture phone data without requiring direct access to the phone. We have found that malicious attackers are now using malware to steal data using this same technique.

Santa Clara, CA
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New Threat Report Illustrates Need for Safe Enablement of SaaS Applications

Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the next-generation security company, today announced the latest edition of its Application Usage and Threat Report (AUTR) completed by the Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 Threat Intelligence team.

Santa Clara, CA
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Application Usage and Threat Report

The AUTR provides visibility into the real-world threat and application landscape, helping security teams to understand how adversaries are attempting to attack organizations around the world and build proactive, actionable controls. Built by the Unit 42 threat research team, the report correlates data from more than 7,000 enterprise organizations, providing broad visibility into critical trends.

Santa Clara
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Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 Uncovers New Cyberattacks Targeting Government and Military Networks in Southeast Asia

Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the leader in enterprise security, today shared research that uncovers a series of potentially state-sponsored cyberattacks targeting government and military organizations in countries throughout Southeast Asia.

Santa Clara, CA
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Palo Alto Networks Executives and Unit 42 Threat Intelligence Researchers to Present at RSA Conference 2015

Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the leader in enterprise security, today announced that several of its executives and members of its Unit 42 threat intelligence team will present at RSA Conference 2015 sessions in San Francisco this week.

Santa Clara
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2015 Cybersecurity Canon Award Winners Inducted at Ignite 2015

Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the leader in enterprise security, today announced the 2015 Cybersecurity Canon award winners.

Santa Clara
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