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Use Case

Retail Use Case: Deliver Consistent, Comprehensive Security to Retail Stores

Customer demands for tailored experiences and fierce competition from online competitors are driving changes to the way retailers operate their brick and mortar stores. In-store digital experiences are creating the need for IP networks in stores and more secure bandwidth to the internet and retail data centers. Clients also trust retailers with their sensitive information they give out in stores, so retailers must ensure data integrity, privacy and confidentiality in stores and from the stores to data repositories. But it's a challenge to scale economically to meet the secure connection demands of today’s stores. Building secure communication systems has typically required lots of equipment, expensive connections, and secondary geo-diverse locations for failover and fault domain isolation, increasing costs and the operational burden on IT and security teams. 

Read this use case to learn how one retailer reduced the risk of reputation-damaging security breaches while creating a secure foundation for in-store digital experiences with Prisma Access.
Using the service, the retailer avoided router upgrades at more than 1500 stores and reduced product footprint, deployment, upgrade, management, and maintenance costs, resulting in a return on investment (ROI) measured in months. 

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