Pokemon Simplifies Security and Paves Rocky Road to Compliance with Prisma Cloud

The Pokemon Company International Inc. grew from a couple thousand users to over 300 million users, practically overnight. The company leaned on AWS to modernize their applications and services to maintain constant uptime and continued business scalability. For cloud security and compliance, Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks provides visibility into Pokemon’s cloud environment, and helps meet PCI compliance requirements. Together, AWS and Prisma Cloud help Pokemon maintain the safety and trust of customers and users across the globe.


A lot of people probably know what Pokemon is, but probably not what our company does.

We have this authentication system that allows folks to play and organize events. So the physical cards themselves, we host those tournaments out of our website, and we allow anyone from four years old to 400 years old, if they are, to play Pokemon events through our website.

We went from a couple thousand users in our system to now over 300 million. And that kind of explosion happened overnight.

We’ve leaned heavily into AWS to kind of bring our company into the 21st century and modernize a lot of things, and with that comes a lot of scope and a lot of areas that I need to worry about with security.

And Prisma has really come in and let me, first of all, be able to ese what’s going on in all of our cloud environments and gen an idea of who’s building what when, and what kind of environments do I need to be worried about and what can I be kind of lax about. And this will really allow us, in the end, to protect our customers.

We were kind of getting to the place where we want to allow our developers and our DevOps engineers to be able to deploy freely and deploy services and get to work as fast as possible. And I don’t want to get in the way of that, but I want to make sure they’re doing it in as safe a way as possible.

Prisma also has allowed us to shore up some of our compliance standards that we adhere to.

We have just launched an update to Pokemon Center, which is kind of our ecommerce platform, and it bumped us up in PCI Compliance level, which means we have to go through that whole evaluation and audit again, and being able to generate a report of that in an AWS account, right away, and handed it off to our auditors was just a huge help.

At the end of the day, if I can make sure that parents let their kids play Pokemon safely and always have that trust, then I consider it a win.