2019 CIO Virtual Event: Cloud Computing Security Risks: What you Need to Know to Effectively Protect Your Information

Data Security is at the top of the mind for every company across all industries. Keeping your company’s information secure is high priority. Many companies have adopted a cloud base model and this new way of housing information comes with new risks at various levels of the process. Having a clear understanding of the need for intent-based ways to secure your information is paramount. The concept of intent-based security allows you to drill down to the application level to ensure that you are safeguarding your information.

Join Argyle Executive Forum in partnership with Twistlock as we bring together leading CIOs and senior IT executives across industries to discuss best practices in cloud and data security. Key topics we’ll discuss include:

  • Real-World Risks and how to avoid falling prey.
  • How to ensure that your service provider will enforce your privacy guidelines.
  • Safeguarding your information at every level of the cloud process down to the application level.
  • As technology evolves ensuring that your security methods and tools evolve to meet the new demands