Automation in Network Security Management

The complexity of today’s security networks, and the vast streams of data flowing toward network administrators, make security networks difficult to manage and threats tough to find.

Automation, deployed in the right way, can significantly reduce complexity, manual data mining, and human errors in your security deployments.

As a network administrator, you have to strike the right balance between manual efforts and automation to get the most value:
  • Deploy too little automation and you may open up your company to the dangers of human error and your team to long, stressful working hours
  • Deploy too much automation and you may lose control of important nuances in both network management and security
  • Join us for this webinar to learn how the right level of automation can alleviate your workload, improve your security, and streamline the management process in your security deployments, and how Palo Alto Networks network security management solution offers you that critical level of automation.