Endpoint Protection in NERC CIP Environments – Compliance and APT Prevention

Compliance and security are both top-of-mind issues for electric utilities. The NERC CIP standards mandate controls that protect against malware, provide device monitoring, and enable the detection and response to cyber incidents. This webinar will explore the application of one advanced solution to meet both compliance requirements and security objectives.

Although compliance is critical, to properly address the rising advanced threat landscape, asset owners need to put equally advanced cybersecurity solutions in place. This webinar will introduce a new class of endpoint security products called Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) specifically designed to target advanced attacks which use new, “zero-day” exploits and malware along with social engineering as part of their attack lifecycle. Rather than looking at known hashes, strings, or behaviors which are not effective against completely new attacks, this technology looks at the underlying techniques employed by exploits and malware to prevent attacks, even those never before seen in the wild. Experts from EnergySec and Palo Alto Networks will explain how the “Traps” Advanced Endpoint Protection solution helps facilitate compliance and prevents advanced targeted cyberattacks such as Energetic Bear and Black Energy.