How to Effectively use Segmentation to Protect your Datacenter from Cyberattacks

Critical datacenter assets are at the heart of financial services (and many other industries) enterprise networks. Unfortunately, it’s still too easy for attackers to get into the datacenter through an insider, a partner, a side server, virtualization, or even a development environment. A new frame of mind for security is needed to protect today’s and tomorrow’s data, application, networks, systems that utilize concepts and technologies like SDN and virtualization, current and future investments in cloud applications, and core business systems like VoIP, multi-function devices, and video conferencing.

Watch David Guretz, a Palo Alto Networks and IT security expert who has built solutions to protect intellectual property and data assets for many organizations in the financial industry as well as telecommunications, legal, and insurance. David describes how to use Palo Alto Networks Enterprise Security Platform to prevent cyberattacks in the datacenter. David covers the following topics:

  • The importance of datacenter security
  • How to approach network segmentation in the datacenter
  • How to approach network segmentation for devices with limited or no IT control
  • Unknown traffic and other considerations
  • To use or not to use Wildfire?