Webinar #3: Discover How Your Students Can Become Safe Cyber Citizen (Webinar Series: Part 3 of 3)

The digital evolution of K-12 education, underway for some time, continues to surge as schools and districts move forward in their quest to deploy 1:1, bridge the homework gap, and empower teachers with more data to unlock student success. Behind their accomplishments, each new technology deployment brings the potential for increased risk of cyberattacks. And another oft-overlooked need simmers - a gap in foundational cybersecurity training within STEM, Maker, and other curricula.

In Part 3 of this 3-part series, we explore what resources are available to principals and faculty to teach effective cybersecurity habits to students,to enhance their education and protect the school.
  • Discover how to help your students become good – and safe – digital students and citizens, using interactive experiences
  • Equip your students with the next-generation cybersecurity knowledge and skills they’ll need to succeed in cybersecurity careers