Exposing Common Myths Around Cyberthreats to SCADA and ICS

While awareness over the need for improved cybersecurity in SCADA and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) has improved in recent years, several inaccurate and dangerous assumptions about ICS cybersecurity best practices and the nature of cyber threats still persist.  If held by organizations as fact, these myths could result in inadequate cyber-defensive measures and a high level of exposure to a range of attacks or even simple accidental cyber incidents both of which could have equally concerning consequences to process availability and safety. 

In this webinar, ICS cybersecurity experts, Joe Weiss and Del Rodillas discuss:

  • Some common myths around cyberthreats to ICS and why they could be significant security gaps when held as truth
  • Select real-world examples that highlight the consequences when malicious actors successfully exploit these gaps
  • The more updated and accurate view to ICS cyberthreats as well as effective technologies, which help asset owners build a stronger ICS security posture