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VM-Series for AWS Hybrid Cloud Deployment Guidelines

From a security perspective, moving your applications and data to AWS does not necessarily eliminate or minimize your security challenges. Regardless of their location – public, private cloud or physical data center – your applications and data are an attacker’s target, and protecting them in AWS introduces the same security challenges that are present within your on-premises network. These challenges include a lack of control over your network traffic based on the application and an inability to prevent cyberattacks. 

The VM-Series for AWS allows you to securely move your applications and data onto AWS beginning first with a hybrid approach, then expanding security coverage to include segmentation policies, much like the security techniques used on your physical network. 

This whitepaper walks through both AWS and VM-Series deployment guidelines for building a hybrid cloud that extends your data center into AWS. For completeness, this paper has been written using a two-tiered application environment (web server and database) that is secured by the VM-Series.