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White Paper

Essentials for Effortless Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response

The threat landscape and adversary motivation has shifted from simple mass malware distribution to fully automated attacks that increase in complexity and targeted attacks with a level of sophistication that bypasses traditional endpoint protection. This has forced organizations to adopt EPP and EDR products from multiple vendors, looking for best of breed in order to protect, detect, and respond to these threats. That has proven to be unsustainable as infections are still common, introduces security blind spots increasing both dwell and response times. Palo Alto Networks believes that a prevention first approach with integrated detection and response capabilities is the only way to deliver successful prevention. 

This whitepaper will demonstrate how Palo Alto Networks Traps stops threats on the endpoint and coordinates enforcement with network and cloud security to prevent successful cyberattacks. With the rich data collected from all data sources within an environment is stitched together to automatically detect and respond to sophisticated attacks. With out of the box integration, security teams can work the product seamlessly into current operations creating the missing link between prevention and investigation. Finally, there is a complete EPP & EDR integrated product line with best of breed functionality.