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White Paper

Navigating Cybersecurity Challenges in Financial Services

An overview of the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security platform for the financial sector

The financial services industry remains a favorite target for cyberattacks.  The lure of sensitive data and funds is quite strong to malicious actors.  Additional challenges in securing financial institutions include their complex IT environments, continued use of legacy technology, and preference for defense in depth (which is often equated with vendor diversity).  Regulators continue to impose new obligations to strengthen controls and better protect the industry.

Top threats to the industry over the past two years include various families of ransomware, remote access Trojans, and information stealers.  All of these target the endpoint as this is the path to the valuable data held by the financial institution.

The traditional approach of point products for specific security functions and network perimeter-centric protection has proven to be ineffective.  Reports of data breaches in the financial services industry have become commonplace.  A different, and better option is a multi-layered approach based on natively integrated, security enforcement points that share threat information and revise protections accordingly.  This results in automated prevention and next-generation security for the network, endpoints (servers, desktops, laptops), and the cloud.

Moreover, the use of cloud-based, dynamic malware analysis and threat intelligence enables updated preventions in as little as five minutes - across our entire customer base after the initial discovery anywhere.  This applies to the local network, endpoint devices, or even the public cloud.

Download the whitepaper to read more about how our next-generation security approach is better able to protect the highly targeted financial services industry.